Employing Cleaning Services to Get Rid of Graffiti: Techniques for Graffiti Removal and Prevention Strategies


Although some would consider it more as a form of street art, business owners are typically frustrated by graffiti as it defaces their business and decreases property value. Graffiti is a serious issue, and costs the Australian community around $200 million every year. If you notice graffiti on your business property, you should consider contacting a cleaning service immediately as graffiti removal within the first 24 hours can remove the most graffiti and can deter future graffiti artists. This article will focus on techniques that are employed by cleaning agencies to remove graffiti and preventative strategies that can be implemented. 

How Is Graffiti Removed?

Graffiti can be difficult to remove. Most cleaning agencies would recommend that you contact them and obtain professional help as you probably do not have the specialised cleaning equipment needed to do a good job. Graffiti is significantly harder to remove than it is to apply; however, you will have several options to choose from, including: 

  • Using a sandblasting power washer. While there are various different types of sand that can be used, most cleaning companies would recommend that you try using round silica, as it has been found to be most effective.
  • Using a liquid graffiti removal solvent. You will want to spray the solvent onto the graffiti, and use some elbow grease to rub it out with light duty steel wool. Since the solvents contain a considerable amount of chemicals, you will want to wear safety gloves and appropriate eyewear.
  • Repainting the surface that is affected. If the graffiti was applied on a highly texturised surface, both the sandblasting power washer and the liquid graffiti removal solvent may not be sufficient in removing all traces of the graffiti. In these cases, you may want to consider repainting the surface immediately. 
  • Using a biodegradable emulsifier. If the graffiti was applied on a brick surface, then a biodegradable emulsifier may be the way to go although you should keep in mind that this technique is significantly more expensive in comparison to the other alternatives. This method will reduce the amount of toll on the surface of the bricks and preserve the overall integrity best.

Complete removal of the graffiti may not always be a possibility. At times, the best that the cleaning services can do is to reduce the graffiti to be barely recognizable. Keep in mind that at times several applications of graffiti removal solvent may be needed to get the job done. 

What Can You Do To Prevent It From Happening?

Since removing graffiti can be incredibly difficult and even impossible at times, you may want to consider implementing some of these preventative strategies instead. They include:

  • Restricting access to tempting walls by planting trees or shrubs or installing fences and other ornaments.
  • Installing good lighting to deter vandals from tagging your property with graffiti. Some business owners will even go as far as to install surveillance cameras in order to catch the vandals, so that the right criminals can be apprehended and charged for the crime.
  • Using a dark paint on tempting walls and fences. 
  • Contacting police authorities before getting the graffiti removed. You will want to take photos of the graffiti and make an official report of the vandalism, so that the police can charge the artist who has defaced your property with vandalism.


Preventing vandals from defacing your property with graffiti can be incredibly difficult. Your best chances of getting the graffiti completely removed is to contact a commercial cleaning company immediately when you notice the graffiti. Keep in mind that not all graffiti can be completely removed, and it may take several tries before the cleaning services are successful. 


14 October 2014

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