Using Microfibre: Exploring Its Benefits And Learning How To Clean It


Microfibre technology has revolutionised the commercial cleaning industry. Unlike conventional cloth fibres that push and scatter dirt and moisture throughout the flooring, microfibre technology has the ability to lift and lock dirt and moisture deep within its fibres. If you own a commercial cleaning company or if you are looking to hire a commercial cleaning company for your office, you will want to spend a considerable amount of time reviewing the types of cleaning supplies that are available on the market.

22 October 2014

Employing Cleaning Services to Get Rid of Graffiti: Techniques for Graffiti Removal and Prevention Strategies


Although some would consider it more as a form of street art, business owners are typically frustrated by graffiti as it defaces their business and decreases property value. Graffiti is a serious issue, and costs the Australian community around $200 million every year. If you notice graffiti on your business property, you should consider contacting a cleaning service immediately as graffiti removal within the first 24 hours can remove the most graffiti and can deter future graffiti artists.

14 October 2014