3 Simple But Important Tips for Exterior Home Repair


To keep your home in good repair, you might consider giving it a good exterior inspection every year or as often as needed. There are many small repair jobs you can usually manage on your own and which can help keep the home free of damage from water or rodents and make it look as attractive as possible. Note a few simple tips for inspecting and then repairing your home's exterior that you'll want to follow every year or as needed.

Replace areas of damaged siding

If there is a small dent or ding in the home's aluminium siding, you can often bump this out with the same repair kit you would use to bump out dents in a car's body. However, if the dent has actually cut through the siding, it's good to replace that piece.

You should have some extra pieces of siding from when it was installed on the home, or you can buy new pieces from a hardware store; make sure you choose the same material and height of the siding already on the home. Disconnect the end of the piece to be replaced from the corner of the house and cut off the damaged section; use this as a template to cut the same size of a new piece. Slide the new piece into place and bolt it to the corner of the home and the original siding next to it, and your home should look as good as new.

Repair porch columns

A damaged porch column can cause the entire porch roof to collapse, so you want to make repairs as soon as you notice chips or dents in the wood. Scrape away the paint and then fill the area with wood putty, giving it the needed time to dry before painting over it. If the base of the column is damaged, you can pry away that section and replace it with a new piece of wood entirely.

Power wash

Dust and dirt outside the home can make it look very unsightly, and mould and mildew can easily grow and eventually cause damage to the building materials under the roof or siding, along a wood deck, or around a wooden porch roof or floor. A good power washing of the home can not only improve its appearance but also keep it safe from this damage. If you don't have a pressure washer yourself, have a service come and do this for you every spring or as often as needed for your home, and be sure to address any areas that you notice may already be holding mildew and mould to ensure a thorough cleaning.


28 March 2017

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