What to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Company for Apartment Complexes


If you own an apartment complex and have decided to handle its management yourself rather than using a management company, you will probably need to hire a good cleaning company. This will be to clean out the vacant apartments after a tenant leaves, and to clean the common areas, restrooms by the pool, and other such spots. When you're ready to start interviewing such companies, note a few questions to ask so you ensure you know what's involved in their services and are sure to hire the right company for your complex.

Ask if they do post-repair cleanup

After tenants move out, you may need to do some repairs to the apartment, and this can create extra dust that settles onto the carpets, windowsills and other surfaces. You may also leave behind grout in the bathroom or caulk around the windows. A cleaning company may not address such details and may not have the right tools and equipment for that type of cleaning, so be sure to ask about this if you know this cleanup will need to be done.

Ask about oven and stovetop cleaning

A cleaning company may do a wipe down of the surfaces of the oven and stovetop but may not actually use oven cleaner or a heavy-duty degreaser for these surfaces. Depending on the age of the oven itself, this can mean quite a bit of residue gets left behind, and the appliance may not be suitable for a new tenant. Always ask about this service and note if they prefer that you replace the burner covers on the stovetop, or provide them with oven cleaning materials to get this appliance cleaned properly.

Ask about carpet cleaning

A cleaning service may not do anything more than vacuum carpeting, but some companies may provide a steam cleaning service as well; ask about this, as it may mean a discount if you use the same company for carpets and general cleanup. It can also mean having apartments ready for occupancy sooner than relying on several different service providers.

Ask about elevated heights

If any apartment, foyer, lobby or other such area to be cleaned has elevated ceilings with fans, light fixtures or ledges, you need to ensure a cleaning company can address this surface. Some cleaning services won't clean anything at an elevated height, including light fixtures and ledges. Some, however, may have special tools for reaching ceiling fans, but whatever your needs, ask about this rather than assuming they can manage it.


5 April 2017

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