A Smart Way to Clean Grout


One herculean task you have probably faced is cleaning your tiled floor. Tiles are known for being easy to clean. It is the grout, occupying a few millimeters between the tiles, that is hard to clean. No matter how often you go down on your knees with a toothbrush and a grout cleaning solution, grout will soon get dirty.

The sight of dirty tiles and grout can tempt you to go all out using steel wool and bleaching agents. You will end up scratching your tiles and ruining the grout. The best way to keep your tiled floor clean is to prevent dirt from getting into your house. A doormat usually helps. If a fluid spills onto your floor, you need to clean it immediately so that stains do not form on your tiles and grout.

Steam cleaning

However, the best way to clean grout is by steam cleaning. You save more time than when you use a toothbrush. Nowadays, you can get your grout steam cleaned by having a cleaning company do it for you. Alternatively, you can rent or buy a steam cleaning machine. If you are planning to purchase a steam cleaner, consider the following;

Additional Features: Does the steam cleaner come with a brush? This is just one feature there are other features like wheels. If the steam cleaner has many features, it has a lot of uses. Such a steam cleaner offers more value for money.

The size of the steam cleaner: A larger steam cleaner has a bigger tank, and it is more convenient as you don't have to refill so often.

The length of the cord: It helps to have a long cord if your house has large rooms.

Why does it work?

The dirt that accumulates on the grout tends to seep in or stick to its surface. The heat from the steam is transferred to the grout. The dirt is heated and the effect is twofold:

  • The dirt and grout expand at different rates, hence the dirt peels off the grout.
  • The grout expands so that some the dirt is washed out.
  • It softens the dirt which makes it easier to break down.
  • The steam cleaner usually has a brush that scrubs off the dirt that from the grout.

If you use steam to clean your floor, you also get to live in a healthier house as steam kills more germs. For more information on other tile and grout cleaning methods, contact a professional.


19 May 2017

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