Wipe The Suede Clean: Safely And Effectively Cleaning Soiled Suede Furniture


Good-quality suede is a fantastically attractive and distinctive material and can be remarkably durable if treated with a little care and attention. No wonder, then, that many of us choose it as an attractive covering for couches, curtains and other soft furnishings.

However, while suede can take a physical beating, its fuzzy surface makes it vulnerable to soiling caused by trapped dirt and detritus. The absorbency of suede's untanned surface also makes it vulnerable to stains caused by liquid spills. Both of these unfortunate occurrences can make your suede furniture look dull, drab and altogether shabby, but suede is rarely too soiled to be restored to its former beauty -- by following the correct upholstery cleaning procedures, you can remove the most intractable dirt and stains from your suede furniture:

Minor soiling

If your suede furniture has simply been neglected for a reasonable period and is moderately matted with dirt and particulate matter, it can be effectively cleaned with relative ease.You should start by using a vacuum cleaner to remove the looser deposits of dirt, before using a specialised, soft-bristled suede brush to bring up dirt that has become matted deeper in the suede's fibres.

The use of liquid cleaning chemicals is generally not needed if the dirt is not firmly entrenched within the suede, but you should work in a well-ventilated area nonetheless to prevent loosened detritus from resettling on your suede.

Major soiling

If your suede furniture has been left uncleaned for an extended period, larger deposits of dirt, dust and grit can work their way deep into the fibres of your suede and become very difficult to remove. You can try to tackle this tough dirt deposits yourself using a safe suede chemical cleaner in conjunction with suede brushes and fine cloths; however, these liquids can cause damage or fading if applied improperly. Traditional suede cleaning solutions, such as rubbing alcohol or white vinegar, are even riskier.

Consequently, the safest way to have your dirty suede furniture restored is by calling in a professional upholstery cleaning service. The professional cleaners you employ will possess all the equipment and knowledge required to safely and thoroughly clean you soiled suede, and can even help restore the colour and vibrancy of faded or damaged suede. At-home upholstery cleaning is available if your furniture is large and immobile.

Liquid stains

Suede is particularly vulnerable to staining liquids such as red wine, blood or pen ink, but acting quickly can spare your furniture any permanent marring. You should swiftly apply a clean, absorbent cloth or towel to soak up any loose liquid before it soaks into the suede, before applying a safe suede cleaning solution and rubbing it in gently -- hard rubbing can make the stain worse and wear down the nap of your suede.

If these quick measures do not remove the stain fully, professional upholstery cleaning services are one again your best bet. The texture and colour restoration services offered by these services (particularly those that specialise in suede furniture) can be particularly valuable when liquid stains are involved, as removing more vibrant stains can also remove some of the suede's original colour.


16 July 2017

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