How to Prepare Your Office for Professional Carpet Cleaning


Having your office carpets cleaned by professionals every few months is essential to maintain a clean and healthy environment. It will help minimise allergens in the air, protect your workers from falling ill, and improve productivity at the workplace. Before the professional carpet cleaners arrive at the office premises, you need to make a few preparations that will ensure that the process runs smoothly. These preps will also reduce the cleaning time so that you can get back to work as soon as possible. They include the following:

Vacuum the carpet

You probably have someone that vacuums your office carpet every day to get rid of dust and debris. Ask the person to vacuum the rug a day before professional cleaning. This will allow the professional cleaning company to get right to work without wasting time on minor cleanings. Remember, their cleaning involves the use of commercial cleaners and equipment that get rid of dirt and stains on both the surface of the carpet and in the fibres and backing. Preparing your carpet will help you get a deep, thorough clean that will last until the next professional cleaning session.

Move furniture and window treatments

You should take it upon yourself to move upholstery and other office furniture away from the carpet before the cleaning day. This will not only save time for the cleaners, but it will also protect the furniture from damage. Some of the products that are used in cleaning can come into contact with the upholstery's fabric and stain it. Prevent this and avoid confrontations with the cleaners by moving your furniture to another room. Also, ensure that any draperies, sheers, and tablecloths that touch the floor are removed or pinned up so that they don't come into contact with the cleaning detergents.

Point out stubborn stains

Are there stubborn stains on your carpet that failed to come out after vacuuming or spot-treating? If so, you should make the cleaners aware of such so that they can take extra measures when cleaning those spots. Stubborn stains are absorbed into the fibres and may require specialised cleaning techniques and products. Informing the cleaners will ensure that they come prepared with all the equipment necessary to get rid of tough stains and spots.

Make sure that you are proactive in preparing your office space for the professional carpet cleaning. Schedule the cleaning for the weekend or holidays to ensure minimal disruption of business activities. This will also ensure that the professional cleaners have an easy time cleaning the carpet and the office flooring.  


16 November 2017

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