A quick guide to sprucing up your home's carpets


If the carpets in your home are faded, stained and permanently malodorous, here are some things you can to do spruce them up.

Tackle odours with bicarbonate of soda

If you have pets that sometimes have toilet 'accidents' indoors, or if you have young children who tend to spill their food and drink on the floor, you may find that your carpets smell quite bad, even after you have cleaned up the affected area.

One very inexpensive and effective way to tackle this issue is to sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on your carpets and massage it into the deeper layers of the fabric. Then, leave it there for at least a few hours (or an entire day, if possible) before hoovering it off.

This household product will absorb the odours trapped inside the fibres of the carpet. It's also non-toxic and as such, is ideal if your pets or young children frequently play on the floors of your home.

Rent a steam-cleaner

Sometimes, hoovering and spot-cleaning your carpets is not enough to keep them in good condition. If dirt, pet dander, grime and dust gets into a carpet's deeper layers, your standard household cleaning appliances and products may not be powerful enough to remove these deeply-embedded particles.

In this situation, it's worth renting a steam cleaner. The steam's high temperature will not only kill all of the bacteria, viruses and fungi that may be living in the fibres of your carpets but will also soften all of the mud, grime and dirt particles so that they are much easier to remove from the fabric.

Hire a professional to re-dye faded carpeting

One of the most frustrating things about carpets is that they can still look quite shabby, even after they have been thoroughly cleaned, if their colours have faded. The colour of a carpet can fade if the fabric is regularly exposed to moisture or UV light, or if you often use potent chemical cleaning products on it when you're trying to remove stains.

If this is an issue that is bothering you, it might be worth seeking out the help of a carpeting cleaning company, as businesses of this kind sometimes offer carpet dyeing services. Re-dyeing your carpets can help to make their colours more vibrant and intense; this, in turn, can make them look brand new. Whilst having your carpets dyed will, of course, cost money, it will be far less expensive than replacing them entirely.


18 May 2018

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