Three Tips to Keep in Mind If You Plan to Hire a Cleaner to Deep Clean Your Carpets


If you have decided to schedule a carpet cleaning from a professional, you may find the following three tips to be quite useful.

Notify Them in Advance of Any Particularly Stubborn Stains

If there are stains on your carpets that you have been unable to remove with your standard arsenal of household cleaning chemicals, then it is sensible to forewarn the carpet cleaning company about these stains before they send one of their cleaners to your home.

There are two reasons why you should do this. First, the cleaner may need to use specialist commercial chemicals in order to remove the stains. If he or she is only made aware of the presence of these stains after they get to your home, they won't have the products they need to eliminate them.

Second, it can take a long time to get rid of a particularly tough stain and so the cleaner may need to extend the length of the cleaning session if your carpets feature several stained patches. As such, if you only tell them about the stains when they arrive, you may end up incurring a higher fee than you originally expected.

Clear out the Rooms Where the Carpets Are Located

If possible, you should remove most of the furniture from the rooms where the carpets are located prior to the arrival of the cleaner.The reason for this is as follows; in order to deep clean your home's carpets, the cleaner will need to be able to access every last inch of them. If there are several large pieces of furniture on the floor and the cleaner may find it difficult to move these items out of the way and gain access to the carpeting underneath them.

Even if they are physically capable of moving the furniture, doing this may take up a large amount of the time they have available to clean your carpets. Given this, it is best to clear out the rooms before the cleaner arrives.

Don't Allow Your Pets to Walk or Play on the Clean Carpets Until the Fabric Is Dry

When the cleaner has finished, you should not allow your pets to walk or play on the freshly cleaned floors until after the carpet material is completely dry. Your cleaner may have used potent solvents to sanitise and deep clean your carpets that should not be moved around. After they have completed the cleaning process, it may take a day or two for any residual chemicals left behind in the carpet material to fully evaporate. If your pet lies down on the still-damp carpet or walks across it, and thus ends up coming into contact with these chemicals, they could potentially become ill.


26 December 2018

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