Three Tips to Keep in Mind If You Plan to Hire a Cleaner to Deep Clean Your Carpets


If you have decided to schedule a carpet cleaning from a professional, you may find the following three tips to be quite useful. Notify Them in Advance of Any Particularly Stubborn Stains If there are stains on your carpets that you have been unable to remove with your standard arsenal of household cleaning chemicals, then it is sensible to forewarn the carpet cleaning company about these stains before they send one of their cleaners to your home.

26 December 2018

Two Cleaning Tips for People With Mysteriously Malodorous Houses


If, despite you cleaning it regularly, your home is still inexplicably malodorous, here are some tips that might help you. Start disinfecting your rubbish bins regularly One very common source of bad smells is the household rubbish bin. Sometimes, things like bits of mouldy food, used tissues and the packaging from raw meat products can end up falling out of the rubbish bag and onto the base of the bin.

28 August 2018

A quick guide to sprucing up your home's carpets


If the carpets in your home are faded, stained and permanently malodorous, here are some things you can to do spruce them up. Tackle odours with bicarbonate of soda If you have pets that sometimes have toilet 'accidents' indoors, or if you have young children who tend to spill their food and drink on the floor, you may find that your carpets smell quite bad, even after you have cleaned up the affected area.

18 May 2018

Would Move Out Cleaning Be Critical To Your Relocation?


Having to relocate may be exciting, but it is also filled with a lot of anxiety considering all the different aspects that you would have to factor in for a successful move. Not only would you have to wrap up things with your old house, but you also have to put measures in place for a seamless transition into your new home, and this means hiring furniture removals, applying for new utilities, changing your address and so on.

26 January 2018

How to Prepare Your Office for Professional Carpet Cleaning


Having your office carpets cleaned by professionals every few months is essential to maintain a clean and healthy environment. It will help minimise allergens in the air, protect your workers from falling ill, and improve productivity at the workplace. Before the professional carpet cleaners arrive at the office premises, you need to make a few preparations that will ensure that the process runs smoothly. These preps will also reduce the cleaning time so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.

16 November 2017

Three reasons to hire a professional window cleaner


If the windows of your house are looking smudged, stained and dusty, you might be thinking about cleaning them yourself. However, it is generally best to hire a professional window cleaner to handle this particular task. Read on to find out why. It's safer Unless you live in a bungalow or a ground-floor apartment, it is not advisable to clean the windows of your home by yourself, as it could actually be quite dangerous.

26 October 2017

Reasons to Use a Rubbish Removal Service When Rennovating


When you're trying to create your dream home, you'll soon find that rubbish begins to mount. From the materials that collect after knocking through rooms to furniture you no longer want, the renovation process soon leads to the need for rubbish removal. There are many benefits to using a professional service, which could make your efforts move faster and become more cost-effective. You'll make savings in every area of your life

1 September 2017

Wipe The Suede Clean: Safely And Effectively Cleaning Soiled Suede Furniture


Good-quality suede is a fantastically attractive and distinctive material and can be remarkably durable if treated with a little care and attention. No wonder, then, that many of us choose it as an attractive covering for couches, curtains and other soft furnishings. However, while suede can take a physical beating, its fuzzy surface makes it vulnerable to soiling caused by trapped dirt and detritus. The absorbency of suede's untanned surface also makes it vulnerable to stains caused by liquid spills.

16 July 2017

A Smart Way to Clean Grout


One herculean task you have probably faced is cleaning your tiled floor. Tiles are known for being easy to clean. It is the grout, occupying a few millimeters between the tiles, that is hard to clean. No matter how often you go down on your knees with a toothbrush and a grout cleaning solution, grout will soon get dirty. The sight of dirty tiles and grout can tempt you to go all out using steel wool and bleaching agents.

19 May 2017

Answering Some Common Questions Regarding Professional Upholstery Cleaning


Having your home's furniture and drapes cleaned by a professional on a regular basis can be a good way to make all that fabric last longer, while keeping it looking its best. Like carpeting, the nap and fibre of the material that makes up upholstery and drapes can get worn down over the years; body oils, dirty fingers closing those drapes, dirt from your clothes when you sit on furniture, and pets coming into contact with those materials also makes those fabric look drab and dull.

2 May 2017