What to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Company for Apartment Complexes


If you own an apartment complex and have decided to handle its management yourself rather than using a management company, you will probably need to hire a good cleaning company. This will be to clean out the vacant apartments after a tenant leaves, and to clean the common areas, restrooms by the pool, and other such spots. When you're ready to start interviewing such companies, note a few questions to ask so you ensure you know what's involved in their services and are sure to hire the right company for your complex.

5 April 2017

3 Simple But Important Tips for Exterior Home Repair


To keep your home in good repair, you might consider giving it a good exterior inspection every year or as often as needed. There are many small repair jobs you can usually manage on your own and which can help keep the home free of damage from water or rodents and make it look as attractive as possible. Note a few simple tips for inspecting and then repairing your home's exterior that you'll want to follow every year or as needed.

28 March 2017

Strata Property: Understanding Different Management Responsibilities


There are multiple management tasks that must be performed to ensure the long-term profitability of strata property. The pertinent responsibilities can either be performed by one or more owner's corporate members. However, the work is usually outsourced to independent managers for convenience of the owners. In simple terms, these individuals or businesses will fulfil the relevant tasks on behalf of the body corporate. Unfortunately, the numerous management responsibilities cannot be performed by a single individual.

15 March 2017